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All of our services are tailored to your needs, we will always have a thorough consultation with you to determine exactly what you and your dog needs.


All grooming services come inclusive of nail trimming, ear cleaning and ear plucking (when required). We will always use shampoo and products that are perfect for your dog’s skin and coat. Prices are available on request as we tailor each visit to reflect your needs*. Below are some examples of the grooming services we offer:

Bath and dry

A bath using high quality shampoo and blow dry, hygiene area trim only.

Bath, dry and de-shed

Applicable for short haired breeds e.g. Labradors. A bath using high quality shampoo. Followed by a blow dry and thorough de-shedding process for dead hair removal.

Bath, dry and tidy

A bath using high quality shampoo and blow dry. Followed by a trim of the hair around the eyes, hygiene area, under pads and around the feet.

Bath, dry and natural trim

Applicable for long haired double coated breeds e.g. Golden retrievers, Border collies and German Shepherds. A bath using high quality shampoo and blow dry to remove dead hair. Light trimming to tidy feet, rear end and feathering. No clipping.

Full groom

A bath using high quality shampoo and blow dry. Styling of the dog’s coat to owners’ specifications. Pet trims and breed standard are catered for, a thorough consultation will be had every visit to discuss your preferences and the needs of the dog to ensure we always provide a groom tailored to you.


Handstripping is available for any applicable breed. We will always have a thorough consultation to ensure the dog’s coat is suitable for this service and will always use sensitive bathing products so as not to irritate the dogs’ skin.

* additional charges may apply if the dog’s coat requires extra attention due to matting or fleas as this will increase the time needed for the groom and general wear and tear on our equipment.


Nail clipping
Quick appointment, available while you wait. Call to arrange a time. £7


Nails will be clipped and filed to remove any sharp edges. A moisturising paw balm will be used on the pads. Add on to a grooming service or available while you wait but will require advanced booking. £3

Fresh Breath

A two-part treatment with cleaning gel and freshening spray to improve your dog’s dog breath. Add on to a grooming service or drop in. £3


Stain removing and brightening facial treatment. Add on to a grooming service only. £2

Full pamper package

Facial, pawdicure, fresh breath and special fragrance, with a handmade Tailored bow tie. £8

Puppy sessions

Introductory sessions to get your new puppy used to the grooming process. Please get in touch to discuss what we can do to make grooming a fun part of your puppy’s life. Prices on request.

Emmi-pet Teeth Cleaning

The emmi-pet is a teeth cleaning treatment for your dog that thoroughly cleans the teeth and deep into the gum line without requiring any anaesthetic.

It can prevent: periodontitis, inflammation of the gums, tartar formation, bad breath and chronic oral cavity diseases.

How it works: The emmi-pet is an ultrasonic tooth brush which when used in conjunction with the specially developed toothpaste creates microscopic nano-bubbles that implode continuously, causing a suction effect which removes germs, bacteria plaque and tartar.

Benefits: This treatment is noise and vibration free and does not require a brushing action which means it is often very easily accepted by the dog and also causes no abrasion of the teeth.

Initial consultation, brush head and first session £30, ongoing single sessions £15


Block booking including initial consultation, brush head and 10 sessions £130

Home Boarding

A home from home boarding experience with either Jade or Sam. Your dog will be welcomed into their families as if their own. We will try and keep your dog’s routine as similar to how you have it as possible. They will live as part of the family in our houses over night and at weekends, during the day they will get to come and play in the salon with Rein and other doggy pals (or have a quiet space to themselves if they would prefer). We can offer boarding for up to three dogs from the same family and will never board dogs from different families unless all parties are completely happy to do so because they know their dogs would love to have some company!

£30 per day for one dog

£15 per day for every other dog from the same family

Licence references:

Tailored dog grooming: 19/00903/COMM

Jade Roland- Warden: 258417/491832

Samantha Bryson: 258417/491832

8:30 am – 4:30 pm
8:30 am – 6:30 pm
8:30 am – 6:30 pm
8:30 am – 4:30 pm
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